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We love animals as much as you do! Our products are totally cruelty-free -no testing on our furry friends, ever!

empowering & confidence-buidling

Don't be afraid to be bold, fearless and true to yourself! Tweeny Skin celebrates individuality and seeks to empower the exceptional and amazing qualities that make you one of a kind. Whether you're quirky, confident or full of life, we're here to help you rock your personality.


We're next-gen trailblazers who believe in building a brighter and greener future with a deep commitment to sustainability we take responsible steps wherever we can to minimize our environment footprint. We take responsible steps by using eco-friendly packaging and ethical sourcing of our ingredients by choosing Tweeny Skin you're giving your skin all the good stuff it needs without compromising our future

expertly formulated for tweens & teens

Simple, gentle yet effective skincare expertly formulated products that make skink care super fun. No boring stuff here! And definitely no GROSS stuff!


Wondering what's in our products? No secrets here! We believe in transparency and want you to know exactly what you're choosing for your young delicate skin! We only use the best and safest ingredients and super talented formulators.Check out our full ingredients glossary on each product page and a list of the gross stuff we don't use! it's all there, so you can see for yourself why our products are the safest, gentlest yet most effective tween and teen skincare brand currently available. Go ahead, take a peek!