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About Tweeny Skin

Hi, my name is Sienna and I'm the founder of Tweeny Skin - a gentle, simple and effective skincare range for tweens.

Tweeny Skin was born out of my own personal frustration with not being able to find a skincare range that would clean and treat my skin effectively without either stripping my skin or over hydrating it.

During COVID-19 my skin flared up a lot and I resorted to some online research and discovered something that I hadn't come across in skincare before.

Having a mum thats been in the beauty industry for 25 years and running her own small chain of beauty clinics I went to her with my discovery of this ingredient that is very well know for its benefits when taken orally but not widely used as a topical treatment.

We played around with some homemade recipes and after trialling it for a little while I could see some difference in my skin. This got me very excited and the rest is history.

Tweeny Skin - Smart skin starts here

Sienna x